Magic link

Having issues signing in with the magic link?

Firstly, when you receive the email from Lifecake with the magic link, you need to ensure you are opening the link from the same device on which you made the initial link request. So, if you requested the link from your iPhone for example, you need to make sure you open the email on your iPhone. It's also important that you open the magic link from your phone's native mail client, do not to paste the link into a mobile web browser as it won't work for security reasons.

Similarly, if you request a link via a computer or laptop you need to make sure you open the link within the same browser. i.e: If you request it on Google Chrome and then try and open it in Safari, the link won't work.

It is also worth remembering that the magic link is only valid for 15 minutes and will expire after this time if not used.

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