How is Lifecake safer than an external hard drive?

External hard drives can be really useful. Some of us used to use them all the time. Until they crashed.

Here is why we keep our own childrens' content on lifecake and not external hard drives anymore:

Safety: You never have to worry about losing your content with lifecake. We store your content in the equivalent of many external hard drives around the Internet - secured by's infrastructure - so your content is always safe.

Sharing: You can easily share your content with family on lifecake. No hassles with emailing them updates or transferring videos to them somehow; any loved ones you share with on lifecake will always see you updates.

Organization: Folders are no fun. And they're certainly not beautiful. With lifecake your content is free - automatically organized in a timeline - and you can highlight and find the moments you love best.

Have any more questions about how lifecake is better than an external hard drive? Just drop us a line at We'd love to hear from you!

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