How is Lifecake easier than email?

We love email. We use it all the time. And ours is, if you ever want to talk to us.

But email is time consuming. And it's not a great way to store things. Here is how lifecake can save you time when sharing:

Automatic: When you add moments with your children to lifecake, your family will automatically be able to see them. They can even be notified that you've added something. No need to send messages to anyone - they'll automatically know.

Organized: Your content is organized in a simple and beautiful timeline with lifecake, so you can always find those moments you're looking for. So no digging through email folders to find that photo you took last Christmas.

Limitless: You can share large videos or lots and lots of photos at once on lifecake. No worries about file limits or having to send many messages to share a bunch of snaps you just took.

Have any more questions about how lifecake is better than email for sharing? Just drop us a line at We'd love to hear from you!

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