What permission levels can people have?

When you share your lifecake, there are two permission levels:

- Invite other people
- Add content of your child(ren)
- Add moments to Facebook
- Delete all comments, content and the whole Lifecake
- Download all content you've uploaded
- Create photobooks

Family and friends
- Add content of your child(ren)
- Comment 
- Favorite moments they love
- Download all photos
- Delete only the content and comments they have added
- Create photobooks

To change a permission level:

Step 1: Tap the menu icon (circled in red below).

Step 2: Select 'Settings' (circled in red below).

Step 3: Select the person whose permission levels you wish to edit (circled in red below).

Step 4: Select the Lifecake in which you'd like to change this contact's permission levels (circled in red below).

Step 5: Choose the new permission level.

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