How much does Lifecake cost?

At Lifecake we don't believe anything great is ever truly free. You always pay in some way.

On the Internet often the currency you pay with is your privacy. You trade some information about yourself in exchange for access to someone else's content, like reading a news article.

But when it comes to your content - the most personal and intimate moments you have and share - parents have told us they would rather pay with their money than their privacy to keep it safe. And seeing ads next to your most intimate moments doesn't feel right.

We offer a generous amount of space, so families can be sure Lifecake is the best way to privately share a child's story. Once you're sure you love it, there is a charge to keep huge amounts of memories safe:


VIP ($64.99 / €69.99 / £59.99 per year)

Keep content safe Up to 1GB of photos, videos and stories in full quality. No ads. Unlimited amounts of photos, videos and stories in full quality and length. No ads.
Auto-organise All photos, videos and stories - by date, child, tag and importance.
Share privately Unlimited family and friends.
Access anywhere iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Web.
Download All content at any time.
Create photobooks High-quality books, starting at €37.99 for 24 pages and €0.80 per additional page, plus shipping.
Still have a question or concern? Just drop us a line at, and we'd be happy to write or call you to chat.

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