How can I invite someone to see my lifecake?

It’s really easy to invite someone to see the Lifecake(s) you create!

Step 1: Sign into

Step 2: Click on the settings button in the top right of your page (circled in red below).

Step 3: On the pop-up page, click on ''Family & Friends''  (circled in red below):

Step 4: Click on ''Email'' under ''Invite people via''.

Step 5: On the next page, you can enter the email address of a loved one - and even add a personal message if you want. You can also select the level of access they will have, by clicking on the button (circled in red below):

Step 6: Click on the green tick icon on the top right to save the changes.

The permission levels are:

Parent: Can add and delete people and content from your Lifecake(s).

Family: Can add content and comments to your Lifecake(s).

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