How do I create a photobook?

You can currently make photobooks from our Website:

Sign in to lifecake with your usual email and password.

Step 1: When you're viewing your timeline, click on the 'Photobooks' icon in the top right corner. ( circled in red below ) :

Step 2: Please select your book format Square or A4

Step 3: Select the child(ren) you wish to include in your Photobook 

Step 4: Select a date range for the photos you want to use for your book.

Step 5: Our book builder creates a book initially with the photos with the most likes and best resolution. It's easy to change the images. Just click the one you want to change.

Step 6: Click on the bin icon ( circled in red below ) and it will ask if you are sure if you want to remove. Click yes or cancel. 

Step 7: When the image is deleted you can drag an image from the left side to add.

Step 8:  You can change layout of a page by clicking the middle icon on the left side next to the photo field.

Step 9: Tap the top icon on the left side to bring back the photo field. Drag and drop your photos to your new layout.

Step 10: Tap the top icon on the left side to bring back the photo field. Drag and drop photos to your new layout.

Step 11: Click on the order button in the top right corner. It might say that some images have lower quality. They are most likely taken on a mobile phone and we recommend double checking so that they are not too pixelated. If they are okay you can just to ahead and click ''Order my book, anyway''.

Step 12: To check out we take you to our print partner Peecho. They will print and send your order.


  1. How do I create a photobook?
  2. How much does a book cost?
  3. How much is shipping?
  4. Is shipping included in the price?
  5. Do you make money on shipping costs?
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  7. How can I pay for my book?
  8. Can I have multiple lifecakes in a single book?
  9. Can I set my own book start/end dates?
  10. How many photos do I need to get started?
  11. What is the maximum/minimum number of pages in a book?
  12. Can I have multiple photos on one page?
  13. Do you make the book or does someone else?
  14. Is the book hardcover or softcover?
  15. Can I change the paper type?
  16. What size is the book and is it possible to change it?
  17. Will my phone photos print well?
  18. How do I add a photo?
  19. Is there a way to select and choose from only my favourite photos?
  20. How do I remove a photo?
  21. What page layout options are available?
  22. Can I change the page color?
  23. Which countries do you deliver to?
  24. Why can I not select where in the book a photo sits?
  25. How long will my book take to arrive?
  26. Can I track my order?
  27. Can I include a message and wrapping for a gift?
  28. Can I order multiple copies of the same book?
  29. Can I have my books delivered to multiple locations?
  30. Can I go back and make edits once I’ve proceeded to the checkout?
  31. My 24 page book shows as 26 pages on the print partner’s checkout, why?
  32. Once I have already created and paid for a book, can I return at a later date to reorder another copy?
  33. Why does my credit card have a charge for someone called Peecho?
  34. If I close ‘book creation’ mode, can I carry on creating my book at a later date?

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