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    Hi, Sarah! Thanks so much for this (and sorry for the delay in responding). Seems to be getting a lot of votes.

    We didn’t do this currently because we know in many families people have their own personal nicknames for people (i.e. ‘Grandma’ for me is ‘Mum’ to my mother). This is our concern with making things universal.

    Also, who gets to decide what someone’s nickname is? If it’s personal, then there is no issue. But if it’s universal, then only one person can decide.

    Would love to know yours (and anyone else’s) thoughts on this!

    - Nick, from the Lifecake team

    Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree with Sarah. There should be a way to fix the mom/dad confusion. It looks like when you invite someone, the name it assigns them in Lifecake is pulled from your contact card? So my wife's father's comments all show up as "Dad" in Lifecake, and other family members confuse his comments with mine.

    Pulling the name from contacts should be disabled as that is only going to cause confusion. Invitees will not realize that they can change the name when setting up the account, or may not realize that there will be confusion going forward with the name that was automatically pulled from contacts for them. But the people affected by this also need a way to fix the names of existing family members.

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