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    Anonymous commented  · 

    Hi Nicholas. Beautiful site! My wife and I love it and definitely find it useful. IMO, not allowing additional permissions is a mistake. As parents we want to be able to allow family to view/comment for two main reasons: 1) We want to maintain control of the images going up in the timeline 2) We want to be sure the quality of images (resolution/shots) are of high caliber (can't trust grand parents with their shaky hands to get quality shots all the time). If were to delete their images once they uploaded they would probably be hurt (so avoiding this situation all together is preferable). Also, people will take photos which we don't think make our baby or us look the best and as the permissions are now, they can then upload those images.

    I don't understand why having this additional permission level would create confusion for people. Default it to the current permission and then allow parents to reduce permissions. I think most of your clients will be web savvy users so I can't imagine this will confuse too many people.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    I don't want family to be able to add content. Only view and comment. How can I do this?

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